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A result of some experimentation some time ago with my original, vintage stylised cat block, which was inspired by 1920s textile prints.  These mini prints are offcuts from a larger idea I was working on and therefore the paper border is cut approx 0.5cm as shown in photograph.  These prints were made by combining two colour blocks (gold background and black cat) and resulted in a strikingly stylised image.  The printed image is 10 x 10cm and can either be displayed in a tiny frame, or mounted and displayed in a larger frame. Either way, they look gorgeous and would make fabulous little original gifts! :)

Size or Dimensions

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Printed image measures 10 x 10 cm

Product Details

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  • An original, handmade 2 colour block print
  • Can be displayed singly in a small frame or mounted up and displayed in a larger frame.  Display suggestion: you can mount 3 or four together in a larger frame, turning the prints round so the cats are in different positions - a really fun effect! :)
  • Printed onto Zerkall 145 gsm creamy coloured printmaking paper in oil based Cranfield Colours inks
  • All prints are "seconds", ie offcuts from my experiments!
  • Make ideal small gifts!
  • These prints are unsigned
  • Sold unframed
  • Packaged in a biodegradable sleeve with backing card
  • Please note - due to the handmade process, each print is slightly different.  There may be some pencil or ink marks in the borders, which can either be trimmed off or rubbed out with an erasor

Special Instructions

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