"Trees and Skies" Handmade Cyanotype Print

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A new, varied series of original cyanotype prints I am creating, using the traditional cyanotype process.

Using my photographs of winter tree silhouettes, I create the prints onto beautiful translucent teabag paper and then layer them onto a sturdy, ivory coloured mount board using a transparent acrylic medium.  The result is as though the print had been made directly onto the board - complete with those delightful "edges" to the images, which are a hallmark of applying the cyanotype emulsion onto the surface with a brush!  For these images, I have created "moons" by cutting out circular sections from other prints and incorporating them into the new compositions.  Each piece is made to order, ensuring a totally unique piece each time!

Size or Dimensions

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Board size: Approx A4 (29.8cm x 20.8cm)
Image size: Approx 21cm x 15cm

Product Details

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  • An original, handmade cyanotype made on teabag paper and layered onto sturdy, ivory coloured mount board
  • Part of an ongoing varied edition
  • Supplied unframed
  • Each piece is marked "V/E" (varied edition), titled, signed and dated by the artist
  • Please note: the colours in digital photographs may vary slightly from real life, according to the light conditions when I photographed in my studio :)

Important Information

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Overseas customers - please be aware there may be additional tariffs payable on this item