"Tranquility" Cyanotype/linocut combination print

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I have long wanted to make a piece which features the pond I see every day on my walks around Rayleigh Mount - and this is the result!

What started off over a year ago as a single-layer linocut print has evolved into a two-layered cyanotype/linocut combination print.  The challenge for me was to capture the details, delicacy and tranquility of this familiar place I have grown to love so much.  In order to evoke the feel I was after, I decide to use a cyanotype image as the base layer for printing onto with my carved lino block. Much experimentation followed, which involved making numerous cyanotypes with different exposure times - and then bleaching/toning these prints to achieve a base layer which would not overpower the linocut printed top layer. Once this had been achieved, the challenge then was to mix a relief printing ink with a suitable translucency and colour so as not to overpower the cyanotype!

Many, many test prints later, I now have a tiny, varied edition of just four prints. The colours in each one are subtly different - I have included individual photographs to give an idea of the variations - so please bear this in mind when choosing your print :)

Size or Dimensions

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Paper size: approx 31.5cm x 23.5cm 
Image size: 27.5cm x 20cm

Product Details

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  • An original, handmade cyanotype, overprinted with hand mixed oil based relief printing inks
  • A tiny, varied edition of 3 prints
  • Sold unframed
  • Print is made on 300gsm Bockingford hot-pressed watercolour paper
  • Marked V/E (variable edition), titled, signed and dated by the Artist
  • PLEASE NOTE: due to the hand-printed process, colours may vary slightly from digital representations

Additional Information

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