About Inky Dog Studio...

I'm Jane, the artist behind Inky Dog Studio.  I'm a UK-based Printmaker and Dog Lover who loves to work with lino :-)


I studied for a degree in Textile Design at Central Saint Martin's School of Art, London, back in the early 1980s and after graduating, worked freelance in both textile and graphic design.  Subsequently, I did a 16 year long stint as an Art Teacher in UK secondary schools before "retiring" in 2018 to become a full-time Printmaker!


My inspiration and ideas tend to come mainly from two sources: nature and the living world, and also 20th Century Art and Design (in particular, the Arts & Crafts Movement, Art Deco and the work of artists such as Henry Moore).


I love to make strong, bold lines and marks in my artwork, and I find lino printing is the perfect medium for achieving this.

An idea for a new print may come from a sketch, a trip to an Art Gallery, or simply from something I snapped earlier on my camera phone whilst out on a dog walk.  My tip to any new artist would be to impose no limits on yourself and never be afraid to try something new :-)


My personal goals are to continue to evolve my Printmaking practice - try out new styles of working, and incorporate new elements into my prints in terms of subject matter.  I am also realising my ambition to increase the scale of my work, with the purchase of an A2 sized press!  As far as I'm concerned, we never stop learning - and my biggest fear would be to become smug and self-satisfied in what I'm doing with my art.


"In making Art, you can learn something new every day of your life"


Jane Constable, Printmaker